Friday, April 27, 2012


So, we walked the Pier and wanted to find a Nice place to eat, we were craving chinese or Mexican as usual and saw this little Mexican place that said it had been Voted the Best in San Diego several years in a row.

I was very hesistant to go in to be honest because it didnt look like much from the outside and I wanted to have a memorable dining experience, what a fool I was!

Once inside, we were greeted by the nicest waitress in the world, she said her name was Siboan (Pronounced Shivan) and Im probably spelling her name completely wrong too.    she brought us our cocktails.

I had a Green Melon Margarita and a combo Meal, Chicken Tamale, Bean Tostada and Ground Beef Taco which came with rice and beans, wow, It was fantastic!

Don had a Beef Burrito which came with rice and beans, He was so impressed as well, The red sauce they put on each of our food item was to die for!

Restaurant Atmosphere:    10
Menu Variety:   10
Comfort/Intimacy Level:  8 (They Need More Booths)
Service:  10
Food:  10

Top 3?    YES!     We would soon learn that our favorite Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas-Chapalas closed down   :(    Nati's surpassed that place which we always gave straight 10's to.   Too bad its in San Diego!


So Don and I finally took our long awaited trip to San Diego and even though we chose not to Dice here, we wanted to talk a little bit about the 3 restaurant we did end up eating in while we were there!

San Diego was FANTASTIC, cool air/breezes, walking around the downtown area on the bay and everyone walking their dogs, all with smiles on their faces and welcoming us!   I was in Heaven.

So, we asked this girl where a good place to eat was that might be Gay friendly and she sent us around the corner to Urban Mo's!

Inside each of us tried a cocktail called the Black Lemonade!   Not bad.   Not too strong.   we each had one and then also ordered our dinners.

I had a Blue Burger which was Top Sirloin Beef stuffed with Blue cheese w/Bacon and Tomato, It was $11.50 but it was HUGE!   

Don had a Western Burger which had BBQ sauce, cheese, It came with Onion Rings but he gave them to me!     YUM!

I could see us going there again if we went back to the area!

Restaurant Atmosphere:    10
Menu Variety:   5
Comfort/Intimacy Level:  4
Service:  6
Food:  9

Top 3?    No but we would return again!

Monday, January 9, 2012


So, we rolled the die.....2  Invite someone to go with us!
I rolled a 2 which means its up to me who we invite and I also got to choose how many people to invite but since I was on a bit of a budget I chose 1 person and I decided on don's mom since she was here in the house already-No Hassles!

So we get there and each of us orders Iced Tea with Lemon.
Mom orders Crab Legs and Steak since she doesnt have an obligation to dice with us.

I rolled for me and came up with a 3 so don would choose a section for me to try something and he chose salads.   Next I rolled a 4 and he chose my salad, Just a simple ceaser and then from there I ordered the Coconut Shrimp Dinner of which I shared with his mom.

For Don, I rolled a 1 and I chose soups.   Next I rolled a 2 and I got to choose the soup and stuck with a Traditional Beef and Barley soup because he cant tolerate much else and he was so nice to me that I thought I would pay back the favor.

Don's mom didnt know how to get the crab legs open and the waitress was so nice that she actually sat down and helped her open them, amazing service!

Restaurant Atmosphere:     2
Menu Variety:   5
Comfort/Intimacy Level:  3
Service:  8
Food:  9

Top 3?    No but we would return again!


Don and I decided that from this moment on where Dicing was concerned we would add a new roll in, if we rolled a 1 or a 2 we would invite someone from our lives to head out with us, if they wanted to dice they could, if they wanted to watch, that was their choice as long as they respected the roll that each of us would have to particpate in!

So, we rolled a 2 and then we rolled to see who would pick our dinner companion and it rolled a 6 which means the die would choose, how many companions?    My choice, I decided on 1 person.   The die then chose from a List of Possible friends and family-12 in all and we settled on don's mom who was delighted to go with us as long as she didnt have to roll the stupid dice! 


So, we rolled the die to see where we would be heading for dinner.
4  Don's choice.  He said that since his mom loved Olive Garden, that would be the logical choice and so off we went and headed down to the one on Sunset & Stephanie Road in Henderson.

Once there, we all ordered a Peach Iced Tea with Peach chunks inside and it was soooo Good, we also ordered the soup and salad to start, I had Zuppa Toscano soup which is potatoes, spicy sausages and this wonderful cream sauce to die for, I love it so much that I want the recipe so I can make it healthy.

So, we rolled the die and it said that I had to choose a section (1) from the menu and I chose appetizers.  Another roll...2 revealed that I get to choose what and I decided on the deep fried Squid and Mom said that she would try some too because she had never had it-I think a dice woman in the making! 

she loved it and I didnt but no worries, she took it home and it certainly did not go to waste!

For Don, we rolled a 3 so he got to choose his own section and he settled on salad/soup and then we rolled a 4 and he chose to stick with the salad he and his mom had already ordered as part of the all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks combo that Olive Garden always offers.

I ordered

YUM and very healthy!   
Don and his mom both had Chicken Parmgiana.   They Loved it!

Restaurant Atmosphere:     6
Menu Variety:   8
Comfort/Intimacy Level:  6
Service:  10
Food:  10

Top 3?    No but we would return again!


So, Thanksgiving came and went and Don and I were headed off on more Dice related adventures!

We rolled a 2 and I decided I wanted something familiar and close to home and so  I chose The Grand Cafe inside Palace Station.

The die chose that I could pick from a section of the menu and I chose salads as I was feeling a bit heavier from Thanksgiving and that killer Sausage Stuffing that Don's mom had made for all us not to mention all of the pies and booze  :D

I rolled a 1 to see what kind of salad and It was my choice so I had the Nacho Cheese Salad which is just Lettuce, tortilla strips, croutons, cheese, olives and avocado with a spicy salad dressing.   It was TERRIBLE, first off, the waiter forgot to put my Tortilla Strips on the plate and I had to send it back and then it just didnt taste very good and there was very little dressing.

The die rolled a 5 so Don had to let random chance pick a section from the menu.   It chose Salads for him and then another roll produced a 5 and the die chose for him-Chinese chicken salad which was mandarin oranges, almonds, chicken, raisins and croutons on a bed of lettuce.   He hated it.

The service wasnt great, the food wasnt good at all, but what do you expect for a restaurant inside a low budget casino?

Restaurant Atmosphere:     6
Menu Variety:   1
Comfort/Intimacy Level:  5
Service:  0
Food:  0

Top 3?    NO, I would never choose to return in Fact!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Don Rolled the die.   A 4.   He was once again craving Mexican food and we decided  to return again to Chapalas.  This time we were greeted by a young Waiter and we asked about the older woman but it was her day off.   Maybe she switched and now has Wenesdays off?   It didnt matter, the Young man (sorry I dont recall his name)  was VERY friendly and gave us the same service as we had come to expect from our favorite restaurant.

I even made it a point to reveal to the Hostess when we left that this was our favorite restaurant, that we had always had consistant service and food and mentioned my Food Blog-Paradize Found, You know it, youre reading it right now!

So, I rolled the die to see what Item I should be ordering and it was a 1.   I decided I wanted a combo meal as usual and I rolled to see how many Items I would have to get?   A 4.   Yum.   and what items do I have to try?   I rolled a 5.  The die would choose all 4 Items again, I wasnt worried since it had done so last time and the choices were all wonderful, though I give credit where credit is due, not to the die but to the wonderful chef.

The die chose...   2 Cheese Burritos (They were so Good) and 2 Chicken Tamales which of course they are always Perfect, Later on I ordered some Fried Ice Cream and ended up taking most of that home, though Don did share a little bit with me, of course this meal came with the sizeable portion of beans and rice and the chips and dip that are brought out at the start of the meal, I also had a Long Island Iced Tea in front of me and Don had a Bud Light.

I rolled to see about what Don had to try and got a 1.   I chose for him-combo Meal.   Then how many Items?   4  His choice, he chose 3.   Then which items? 1   Me.  ;)    I chose 2 Ground Beef Burritos because thats his favorite thing to order here and I also had him get some Nachos with cheese, sour cream, Avocado and More on it and he loved it except for the Avocado which he gave to me after taking the mandatory one bite.

All In All, It was a great visit!

Restaurant Atmosphere:     10
Menu Variety:   10
Comfort/Intimacy Level:  10
Service:  10
Food:  10

Top 3?    YES for BOTH of us!


Don rolled the Big Green die and it landed on a 1.

I was craving Mexican food after our horrible experience at the India Oven the week before and I wanted somewhere comfortable and that we had been before so I chose Chapalas.

We were seated in the same booth as always which we always find a bit funny and by the same older Waitress.  They brought us out our chips and dip and we ordered our drinks, I had a Tequilla Sunrise and Don ordered a Peach Margarita.

I rolled the die and a 2 came up which means I would get to choose from the menu and decide on which section I was willing to try a food item so I chose combo Dinners.   Another roll revealed that I would let the die decide how many Items I was going to be ordering, It chose 4 (Ok so leftovers for sure)   :)

Then which combo meal?   I rolled a 6.  The die chooses.   The die chose 1 Chicken Tamale (YUM), 1 Ground Beef Taquito (Very delicious), A Stuffed Poblano Pepper (Good but I couldnt chew the actual pepper) and A Ground Beef Tostada (soooo Good)   The Ground beef here is always seasoned just right and the service is always fast and friendly!    It also came with beans and rice.

I rolled for Don.   5   The die would choose a section for him and it chose Booze.  Well, he gave me his drink and ordered (after another roll of a 1) I picked the Peach Margarita he had already ordered so he wouldnt get sick and then we both had Peach Magaritas.   :)   Im so nice, I know  :)

The dinner as usual was PERFECT.

The Prices are always a surprise, around $40 or so, its insane!    Insanely Good of course, who knew you could get so much good food for such a great price?   

Restaurant Atmosphere:     10
Menu Variety:   10
Comfort/Intimacy Level:  10
Service:  10
Food:  10

Top 3?    YES for BOTH of us!